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Abendock Security Solutions began humbly in 2007, focusing primarily in the maritime security sector performing security assessments, plans, ship security alert system annexes, country and vessel route threat assessments for our clients. Company personnel are trained and educated in the legal requirements the USCG uses to regulate the maritime industry. The business continues this activity and in 2016 we branched into security training, starting a school that primarily trains professional security officers in the mandated Virginia Department of Criminal Justice services registration requirements. Our school prides itself in being the most comprehensive, affordable and centrally located school in the Hampton-roads area. Also, we are now holding concealed carry courses that actually teach how to responsibly and effectively carry a concealed handgun.

Abendock Instructors


Kraig Wulliman

Kraig Wulliman, is a Department of Criminal Justice Service Certified General and Firearms Instructor since 2013. He is a founding member of Abendock Security Solutions and provides maritime security consultancy services since its 2007 beginning. Kraig is retired from the US Navy with experience in military and civilian law enforcement and has been in the private security industry in Virginia since 2009. Kraig has been a Training School Director since May 2016 with Abendock Security Training School a subsidiary of Abendock Security Solutions Inc.

Brinley Billings

Brinley Billings, is a maritime security professional and certified Department of Criminal Justice services instructor with the company. He is a founding member of Abendock Security Solutions and has led the maritime security services side of the business since its 2007 beginning. Brinley is retired from the U.S. Navy where he performed roles as a gunnery, weapons and ammunition expert, a small arms instructor, anti-terrorism, and force protection specialist, and a recruit division commander. After his military career, before the formation of Abendock, he worked with another maritime security company where he led a maritime security assistance center, the formulation and development of security plans, and instructed maritime security courses. His professionalism and dedication have moved Abendock Security Solutions forward with positive results.

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